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Amazing how the balance of nature works All creatures are important for the health of our planet.
A painting in the Chivalia show
Riding Dianne Nell's beautiful dressage horse, Don Diego with Joan Williams
Visiting my horse Monty in Santa Cruz
Halloween! (Halloween)
Just posted a photo @ Santa Cruz, California

We are so glad you’re here! Welcome to our stable. We are happy to have you join our Zealous Horses Community. Take a tour, enjoy the ride. Please connect with us, as we welcome your input and contributions. You can send an email, comment in our forum, or connect with on on Facebook.

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This site provides resources and tools to help you and your horse  partner enhance  your health and happiness for a zealous partnership. To get started, and help keep your horse healthy  we suggest you get our FREE Colic Symptom Horse Saver Sheet…

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Get ready for our Zealous 2 week summer riding, wellness and adventure retreat
Enjoy a Zealous you riding horses in Paradise!
St Croix, US Virgin Islands
Watch for dates summer, 2015

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Zealous Horses is dedicated to providing you access to a community of like-minded horse enthusiasts. Come along for the ride and strengthen your bond with your horse partner as well as other horse lovers. We strive to educate, inspire and encourage you to live as zealously as possible.

Whatever your experience; you may be a professional, an average horse enthusiast or a young rider, we have walked in your boots. We understand and through 30 years of working with and loving horses we have discovered resources to help keep you and your horse living zealously. We provide hot tips on all areas of horse keeping and a horse community for you to join-in for guidance and inspiration; where you can contribute making your journey more connected, enjoyable and zealous.

Come along with Sharon North Pohl and our panel of experts to explore and contribute to a great community.

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