So happy to have you visiting my new barn, Zealous Horses!

Sharon North Pohl here… thanks for joining our family. Because we are a community of horse lovers, my wish is that we all get comfortable and gather around to share our passion and stories with one another. These life lessons we have learned from our herds are inspirational, powerful and sometimes they feel almost magical. We can join-up as we all share our horse tales and the wisdom we have gathered from listening to the whispers of our horses. I have been listening for a long time now!

I want to share my ride through over 30 years of horse experiences; from running a horse rescue and training barn (Willow Pond Ranch), to my lifetime passion for all things equine. Together we are a horse-centric community focused on Inspiring and Enhancing Equine Wellness by sharing useful tips and information about Horse Health, Horseback Riding, Horse Training, Equine Treks & Adventures, Children & Horses, and Equine Assisted Therapy. Sharing our priceless lessons will lead and inspire the next generation of passionate horse lovers.

Get a cup of coffee, pull up a bucket and sit with me a while.

Live Zealously,
Sharon North Pohl
CEO ZealousHorses.com
CEO ZealousMe.com