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Meet Sharon North Pohl: ranch owner, mother, grandmother, entrepreneur, horse woman, and recent divorcee. Sharon has experienced a diverse career, working as a sales representative and manager across multiple industries—including high-tech, apparel, and retail—and is also an accomplished riding instructor and horse trainer. Sharon was the founder and director of Willow Pond Ranch Foundation, a nonprofit horse rescue and youth mentoring program in Santa Cruz California. For the past 30 years she has been working with and retraining rescued horses.

Sharon holds an EGALA II certification from the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association. As an equine guided educator, Sharon has delivered team-building corporate retreats for companies such as Apple, Above the Line, Youth Services, the County of Santa Cruz, and the Santa Cruz Therapist’s Association.Sharon provided Equine Assisted Therapy for Youth at Risk, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) children, and dedicated herself to teaching children—some with severe handicaps—how to connect with and respect horses and each other. Sharon leveraged her position as the director of the Willow Pond Ranch Foundation to share her experiences and mentor foreign exchange students, local college students, and young people from all walks of life.

Life, however, is not predictable

2012 brought about a massive upheaval in Sharon’s life. She went through a devastating divorce that forced her into retirement, requiring the dispersal of the ranch, the horses, and her career. In navigating through that tumultuous loss in her life, Sharon traveled the rough seas of change, working towards recovering, forgiving, and reinventing herself.

Today she is enjoying a zealous life

Today Sharon is enjoying a zealous life, living large with the love of her life from 26 years ago. Her world has truly gotten better than it ever was. Today, Sharon is enjoying a new adventure: 20 pounds lighter, fit and healthy, back pain gone, blood pressure back to normal, and engaged with a host of new friends. She loves riding horses, learning to play tennis, and scuba diving, and Sharon is living in a beautiful home with a fabulous view of the Caribbean Sea. Sharon is thriving in paradise, St. Croix, in the U.S. Virgin Islands. She has reinvented herself in the most exciting way—her motto is “Live Zealously”—and Sharon is living in the right place, with the right person, doing the right work, on purpose!

Through her life experiences, Sharon has gathered a great treasure chest of useful tips, tools, and suggestions to inspire and enrich your equine partnership. Along with the knowledge of a panel of contributing experts, Sharon is excited to share these resources with you.

“No matter where you are today—horse professional, new rider, old rider, young rider—we understand; we have walked and ridden in your boots. Come join our community of like-minded horse enthusiasts to share, learn and thrive!”
–Sharon North Pohl

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