Beverley Kane

Dr Beverley Kane
Founder HorsSensei

Dr. Kane has conducted workshops in human potentials, stress management, dream work, and equine experiential learning at Esalen, Apple, Lockheed, the San Damiano Franciscan retreat, EquuSatori Center, Costanoa, and other venues. With Horsensei, she now integrates her lifelong interest in animal welfare and animal communication, expertise in depth psychology and complementary therapies, and her practice in equine experiential learning and equine facilitated mental health.

She is a teacher at Stanford university, teaching the course Medicine and Horses. She worked closely with Sharon North Pohl in the development of the first round of workshops to develop the program.

She is Board Certified in Family Practice and completed a fellowship in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Kane became profoundly influenced by the book Jacob Atabet, by Michael Murphy. Inspired by the book’s implications for human potentials, she moved to London for a fellowship in Sports and Preventive Medicine. Dr. Kane then worked in private practice of Sports Medicine in San Francisco, where she was the Medical Director of the San Francisco Marathon; in multiple risk factor intervention research at the Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention; as the physician at Apple Computer for nearly 10 years; and as a medical informaticist specializing in electronic medical records and doctor-patient communication, for which she wrote the guidelines now used by the American Medical Association and numerous medical specialty societies.