Listen to What They Are Saying…

“My daughter, Hailey, learned to ride with Sharon North Pohl in her Willow Pond Ranch Horse Rescue and Youth Mentor Program. Hailey spent four years at Willow Pond and blossomed into a good rider and a compassionate horse women under Sharon’s careful guidance. Willow Pond was a beautiful, well-run equestrian center that took horses no one else wanted and rehabilitated them, creating a stable of healthy, well-trained horses. Sharon built a cooperative, cohesive environment for her young riders. At times, group lessons had up to 12 kids riding in formation on former rogue horses that had become wonderful school horses who did not put a foot out of place. We miss Willow Pond and have yet to find another horse experience that compares. I am very grateful that my daughter received her early training and experience at Willow Pond; Sharon gave my daughter a strong foundation that serves her well today.”
Stacy Souza Downey
"I met Sharon when I was the head of the Equine Assisted Therapy Program at Child Help, a residential treatment facility in Southern California. Sharon traveled to Child Help and enabled me to execute a camping trip with my child clients. She not only helped with the camping trip, worked as a facilitator but hauled four horses to Southern California from her ranch in Santa Cruz, northern California, to make sure we had enough horses. With four horses that was a 10 hour haul! Sharon is a great horsewoman and an amazing skilled facilitator. She was invaluable with the group and the horses on that trip. It was an honor to receive her generous donation of 4 very well cared for and well trained horses for our program. Additionally, Sharon remained in contact with me and served as a program and husbandry consultant. She is a gifted equestrian and was a compassionate and engaging mentor to my young clients. I feel truly blessed to have met her when I did and her kindness and expertise benefitted my program tremendously. I'm honored to call her my friend."
Ashley Nunn
"I have had the pleasure of working as the primary equine veterinarian for Sharon North Pohl for over 25 years. Sharon is a knowledgeable, skilled and compassionate horse handler and trainer. I have watched her over the years rehabilitate many rescues with health and behavioral issues into happy healthy horses. Over the years I have been through many vet emergencies and colic calls with her. She knows horses! I am always grateful when I arrive to find she is prepared and will be there to assist me with my horse emergencies.”
Chuck Kessinger DVM
"It is more than just wonderful it is remarkable! It is remarkable the changes I see myself and others when we begin or continue the horse experience at Willow Pond Ranch. Self-confidence, self-respect, self-importance and self-pride along with ranch experience and responsibility. Thank you so much!"
Teren Lindsey, Age 14
My daughter Grace and I discovered Willow Pond Ranch and Sharon North Pohl when Grace was 12 years old. It was immediately clear to both of us that we found a new home. Sharon had created a warm, supportive and fun community of riders that was well suited for people of all ages, riding skills and abilities. With her students, she strikes a perfect balance of firmness and support, knowing when to push and when to ease back. As a result, her student’s growth and development are optimized while also having a lot of fun. Sharon managed a large herd of rescued lesson horses that were very healthy, happy and well trained. All the horses were very well cared for and safe for the children to ride. I highly recommend Sharon without reservation.
Matt Bell
Sharon is a phenomenal horse woman with a heart of gold. My daughters and I have horses and would come in the summers to learn wonders from Sharon. We were witness to one of the many rescue horses she took in and transformed. An older pony by the name of Sugar Babe came to her in need of help. The pony had a skin problem which had created a fungus all over her. She led her students by example getting in there, using her hands and elbow grease to help this pony. I was thoroughly impressed with her hard work and huge heart. In just a few weeks she the pony looking ready for a show with a job giving children lessons. I cherish the memories and the all that we learned from Sharon.
Desiree Federman