The Vision Crest

Throughout time many cultures have used drawings, crests, coats of arms, totem poles and other touch stone imagery to envision their dreams and plan their quest for the future.

In 2012, I found myself lost in a whole new world, without my ranch, my horses, and all the things around me that I had loved and been comfortable with. I felt lost, out of sorts, adrift in my new home in paradise.

I started trying to figure out how to reinvent myself and envision a new life. I wanted to create something positive from all I had come from. The process of gathering up all those hard earned lessons, and distilling them into a great lemonade to take on my new life journey with me had begun!

This resulted in the combining all my experiences and lessons learned from 30 years of listening to the horses, with my dreams for the future. While engaged in this I felt a compelling desire to honor and call on a lifetime collection of experiences.

I needed to find in my soul those elements which gave me strength and wisdom, combine them with my dreams and mix them all together as a vision. This believing in building a meaningful coat of arms would give me clarity and power in my quest for the future. I so wanted to create something valuable from those life lessons and adventures with the horses. This became a compelling desire to share my experiences with others and gallop into my future with new dreams, and new community of friends.

I will be offering webinars to help you build Your Vision Crest!

For me it was this crest. I call it a vision crest. It has been very powerful and transformational in building my new life. It has lead me to this business and this wonderful life I now lead, and to you, my virtual community of fellow horse lovers.

Elements of the Vision Crest and What They Mean to Me

The Crown

Through all the changes in my life and my divorce, I had to remember that I am valuable. I am a queen even when I didn’t fell valued by others or myself.

The Grapes and Grain

I wanted to eat healthier, feel stronger and lose weight. This image helped me envision the wellness product that has changed my life. I am now sharing that product with others – Zeal for Life. This is primarily a rice bran wellness product with lots of fruits and botanicals in it.

The Horse

My passion for horses has always brought me strength and power. I am so grateful for all I learned from my time with the horses. It has inspired me to my new blog… Straight from the Horse’s Mouth. “Life’s Lessons”, My Horse Whispered to Me. The horses inspired my motto: “May the Horse Be With You!”

The Lioness

Not a lion but a lioness. She is the one with all the courage. She hunts for the entire family. I had to have courage to keep going forward. It was hard making all the changes, and my lioness image helped me have what it took to keep going. Even when the going was tough, and I wanted to stop hunting for my new life, I gave it all I had.

The Horse Shoe

This represents good fortune and it is also a gift from the horses. I had to remember to be grateful for all that I do have. I needed a willingness to acknowledge all the support I have received from friends and family as I made this huge transition. I needed to be thankful for my good health, the dedication and personal strength that it takes for a total redo of ones life!

The Two Seashells

I lived at the sea and love the sea. I have moved form a northern sea to a Caribbean sea. One shell represents Santa Cruz, CA , where I still have roots and family, and the other St Croix, where I live now, in the US Virgin Islands. St Croix means Santa Cruz in French… So I have moved from Santa Cruz California to Santa Cruz in the Caribbean.

Three People Joined

This represents my community. It took a lot of support from my friends and family to move from where I was to where I am today. I have moved halfway across the world and connected with a great new community of friends. I have grown a super collection of virtual horse loving friends through Face Book and My other Social Media. It takes a village!

The Ship & The World

This represents travel and adventure. I have relocated to a total new community in the Caribbean, a long sought for dream. It took courage and a strong belief in myself and an undying sense of adventure to make this leap into paradise and leave my old world behind.

The Zealous Horse Logo

This represents the transition of my horse training and horse rescue business to a virtual horse offering. This little logo was redrawn 30 times as I wrestled to figure out what this new business would be. It wasn’t clear how to best incorporate the knowledge and lessons of 30 years of working with horses into a new business. I wanted to share the valuable collection of resources that I had gathered from my time with the horses. This process of discovery helped drive me to finish my new business,

The Zealous Me Logo

This little icon made many twists and turns as I sought to reinvent myself from ranch owner, teacher, and competitive rider to a retired grandmother old enough for Medicare! I left California to discover The Virgin Islands; from a broken relationship to a new healthy one, from an unfit life style to a fit and healthy lifestyle. It represents me as a work in progress and a celebration of the transitions I have made. This little image commemorates the launching of my new wellness business,